Our team

Our team has decades of offensive and defensive cyber experience in senior positions in both the government and corporate arena. As ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’, KAZUAR is using this intelligence experience – alongside word-leading knowledge of cryptography – to develop an approach to cybersecurity that includes every level of the human, hardware, software stack, from keyboard to cloud. We believe that anything is possible. We share an intense passion, determination, and commitment to bring an urgently needed new approach to an escalating cybersecurity problem.

Meet the KAZUARS


  • Yuval Porat
    Yuval Porat
    Founder and CEO
    20 years of senior executive experience in strategy design, crisis management, branding, communications and business development with decision makers in private and government sectors worldwide.
  • Daniel Finchelstein
    Daniel Finchelstein
    VP R&D
    15 years’ experience leading the development of sophisticated security products at Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd. Contributes extensive managerial experience and technical expertise in security and cloud technologies.
  • Vered Dassa Levy
    Vered Dassa Levy
    Multi-faceted executive who, over the past decade has built a career in operations and security. Vered was previously in charge of the cargo security professional guidance and supervision for ELAL Israel airlines.
  • Natasha Epstein
    Natasha Epstein
    VP Biz Dev
    Leveraging her experience several senior roles with the Israeli Government, Natasha is an international business development executive with a focus on intelligence and security in both the private and public sectors.
  • Noam Zolberg
    Noam Zolberg
    Senior Consultant
    Brings over 25 years of extensive experience in the global market in C-level management of operations, marketing, sales, business development, account management, team building, planning and execution.
  • Martin Rosenbaum
    Martin Rosenbaum
    VP Europe
    Brings extensive network and experience in European start-up and business eco system.

Security committee

  • Amb. James Woolsey
    Amb. James Woolsey
    Former director of the CIA. Held a variety of government positions, including as Under Secretary of the Navy. Professional lawyer as well as investor in the private sector Mr. Woolsey has an extensive network in the business and government sectors.
  • Prof. Adi Shamir
    Prof. Adi Shamir
    Advisory board
    World renowned cryptographer and security expert, co-inventor on the RSA algorithm, winner of Turing prize, and the Israel prize.
  • Shimon Erlichman
    Shimon Erlichman
    Advisory Board
    Spent 30 years in the Israeli security services, most recently as the CTO of one of Israel’s key government security organizations. Shimon brings great technological depth and breadth of knowledge across numerous relevant fields.
  • Ilan Levanon
    Ilan Levanon
    Advisory Board
    Over 30 years at the cutting-edge of Israel’s intelligence and security operations served as Head of the Technology Division for the ISA. Leading and managing complex technological and cyber projects.

Board and investors

  • Yohai Bar Zakai
    Yohai Bar Zakai
    Former deputy director of the 8200 Unit (Israeli NSA) & President of Rayzone group, a leading global provider of cyber and intelligence solutions.
  • Bruno Scherrer
    Bruno Scherrer
    Prominent member of the European financial community and experienced and sophisticated investor. Extensive experience and network within the global financial leadership and investment banking.
  • Pascal Boris
    Pascal Boris
    Advisory Board
    Prominent member of the European banking community who has served in senior management positions at Chase and BNP Paribas, now an active angel investor.
  • Moshe Azar
    Moshe Azar
    Founder and director
    Deep experience in advanced data security, telecommunications and business management and operations. Currently leads a successful IT Company that implements solutions for sensitive projects and clients.
  • Michael Rotman
    Michael Rotman
    Significant player in the Intucell acquisition by Cisco and subsequently management and sales positions in Cisco.
  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson
    Advisory Board
    Chief strategy and marketing of Temenos. Extensive connections within European financial industry, Ben is a Fintech Mentor and an angel investor.


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