Smartphones, essential for personal and business communications, are hackable while current apps and tools do not adequately secure privileged communication. The KAZUAR PHONE addresses the worst of these threats with a comprehensive security solution to prevent eavesdropping, cyber-attacks, and theft scenarios. KAZUAR PHONE customers can safely conduct encrypted phone calls and text conversations, send and receive encrypted e-mails and access the information stored in the

Encrypted calls and messages

Secured encrypted phone calls and text conversations to protect against eavesdropping

Premium on-prem solution

A premium solution for enterprises and governments, which ensures an even greater level of control and management

Unique sterile e-mail

Unlike conventional encrypted e-mails (PGP), which can be hacked, KAZUAR’s encrypted e-mails never leave the Fortress– an intelligence-grade private secure cloud – and consequently provide an unprecedented level of security

Centralized Security Enforcement

Allows organizations to centrally manage, monitor and enforce security policies on all mobile devices, handling multiple risk level groups


Allows users to access their sensitive information while data is kept encrypted and protected all the time

Comprehensive protection

Based on hardened proprietary firmware and operating system, internal firewall and central security management system.

KAZUAR phone security features


  • Manages organization’s mobile devices inventory
  • Sets level of security according to different organizational risk-level groups


  • Ensures comprehensive protection against Trojans, malwares, spywares, etc.
  • Mobile interception systems warning capabilities
  • Enables cell-recovery from indicated suspicious anomalies


  • Encrypts voice calls while providing high sound quality
  • Encrypts text messages and content
  • Enables secured access to the user’s files and emails using KAZUAR lite

Encrypted communications

  • Encrypts voice calls while providing high sound quality.
  • Encrypts text messages and content
  • Enables secured access to the user’s files and emails using KAZUAR lite

Why KAZUAR Phone

  • Resistant to eavesdropping
  • Protection against major mobile security breaches and data leakage
  • Provided as PaaS or on-premise deployment
  • Grants the organization full device control and management abilities
  • Ensures always connected and operational devices
  • Allows secure connectivity to KAZUAR LITE Fortress


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