KAZUAR LITE is a cost-effective, secure and managed solution for small teams and highly sensitive projects. It is a complete solution with a familiar Windows environment, and permissions-based file sharing. LITE includes access devices and a secure cloud. Users enjoy an end-to-end, encrypted, and isolated workspace with an intuitive user experience. KAZUAR LITE is used by organizations protecting sensitive projects, family offices, high net worth individuals and others, needing to protect sensitive information.  Download Kazuar Lite brochure

New standard of security

Holistic intelligence-grade secure environment, dealing with external and insider threats.


Complete integrated solution offered as a managed service, including end point, back end and software.

Simple to use

Familiar Windows based user experience.

Easy and rapid implementation

Based on a managed service model that reduces infrastructure investment.

KAZUAR “USB” – A Secure Access Device

KAZUAR provides users with a secure, tamper-proof, USB device which transforms any computer into a Secure PC linked to the KAZUAR Fortress.
The KAZUAR “USB” meets the highest security standards of the United States Department of Defense (FIPS 140/2 level 3) and self-destructs on any attempt to hack it.


KAZUAR Fortress is a secure private cloud located in multiple confidential physical locations, protected by multi-layer state-of-the-art technologies and protocols. The customer’s encrypted information is stored in the Fortress and cannot leave the Fortress unauthorized or unnoticed, thus preventing internal data leaks.

KAZUAR lite security features

Secure import

The user can import data into the Fortress via and automated cleansing process.

Insider threats protection

Protects against internal leaks by malicious user or code

Secure Device

Secure Access Device with a remote self-destruct mechanism.

Hardware encryption

Hardware encryption XTS-AES 256, FIPS 140-2 Level 3


State of the art SOC and NOC network monitoring abilities

Unique security methods

Protects against broad spectrum of threats, including external attacks and internal leaks

Full backup

Full backup & replication


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